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  1. d, v, Adv, Mater (2017). ,


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  3. adsfasdfsa and sadfasdf, asdfasdf, Adv, Mater (2017). ,


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  22. Meenakshi Rana, Nidhi Singla, Anirban Pathak, Dhanya R, Chandrabhas Narayana and Papia Chowdhury, Vibrational-electronic properties of intra/inter molecular hydrogen bonded heterocyclic dimer: An experimental and theoretical study of pyrrole-2-carboxaldehyde, Vibrational Spectroscopy (2017). In Press.

  23. Arkamita Bandyopadhyay, Dibyajyoti Ghosh, Nisheal M Kaley and Swapan K Pati, Photocatalytic Activity of g-C3N4 Quantum Dots in Visible Light: Effect of Physico-Chemical Modifications, J. Phys. Chem. C (2017). In Press.

  24. Yafeng Zhu, ..., Sundar Ram Sankaranarayanan, Rahul Siddharthan, Kaustuv Sanyal, .... and Janne Lehtio, Proteogenomics produces comprehensive and highly accurate protein-coding gene annotation in a complete genome assembly of Malassezia sympodialis, Nucleic Acids Research (2017). In Press.

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  36. Roy A., Garg P., Reddy J.S., and Subramanian G., The instability of an elastic vortex column, J. Fluid Mech. (in preparation) (2017).

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