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Amitabh Joshi Anuranjan Anand Balasubramanian Sundaram Bani Kanta Sarma Bivas Saha 
C.N.R Rao C.N.R Rao Chandrabhas Narayana Diwakar S. Venkatesan Eswaramoorthy M
G.U. Kulkarni Ganesh Subramanian Govindaraju T H Ila Hemalatha Balaram 
James P. Clement Chelliah Jayanta Haldar K. B. Sinha K.S. Narayan Kanishka Biswas 
Kaustuv Sanyal Kavita Jain Krishnan V.Kundu Tapas K.Kushagra Bansal 
M. R. S. Rao Maneesha Inamdar Meheboob Alam Meher K. Prakash Namita Surolia 
Premkumar Senguttuvan Rajesh Ganapathy Ranjan Datta Ranjani Viswanatha Ravi Manjithaya 
S. N. Bhat Santosh Ansumali Santosh Ansumali Sarit S. Agasti Sebastian C Peter 
Sheeba Vasu Shivaprasad S. M.Shobhana Narasimhan Sreenivas K. R.Sridhar Rajaram 
Srikanth Sastry Subi Jacob George Subir K. Das Sundaresan A.Swapan Pati 
Tapas Kumar Maji Udaykumar Ranga Umesh V. Waghmare Vidhyadhiraja N. S.Vidya T. N. C. 


  1. K. Jayaramulu, R.P. Narayanan, S. J. George and T.K .Maji, Luminescent Microporous MOF with Functional Lewis Basic Sites on the Pore Surface: Specific Sensing and Removal of Metal Ions, Inorg. Chem 51, 10089 (2012). In Press.

  2. R. Haldar, R. P. Narayan and T. K. Maji, Selective CO2 uptake in a bi-pillared layer 3D metal-organic framework of Zn(II), Indian J Chem, Sec A 51A, 1231 (2012).

  3. S. Choubey, K. Bhar, S. Chattopadhyay, A. Hazra, T. K. Maji, J. Ribas and B. K. Ghosh, First examples of two ferromagnetic end-to-end cyanate bridged 1D linear coordination polymers of NiII containing an unsymmetrical diamine, Dalton Trans 41, 11551 (2012).

  4. P. Kanoo, R. Matsuda, R. Kitaura, S. Kitagawa and T. K. Maji, Topological Difference in 2D Layers Steers the Formation of Rigid and Flexible 3D Supramolecular Isomers: Impact on Adsorption Properties, Inorg. Chem 51, 9141 (2012).

  5. P. Kanoo, S. K. Reddy, G. Kumari, R. Haldar, C. Narayana, S. Balasubramanian and T. K. Maji, Unusual Room Temperature CO2 Uptake in a Fluoro-Functionalized MOF: Insights from Raman Spectroscopy and Theoretical Studies, Chem. Commun. 48, 8487 (2012).

  6. K. Jayaramulu, S. Reddy, A. Hazra, S. Balasubramanian and T. K. Maji, Three-Dimensional Metal–Organic Framework with Highly Polar Pore Surface: H2 and CO2 Storage Characteristics, Inorg. Chem 51, 7103 (2012).

  7. A. Chakraborty, B. K. Ghosh, J. R. Arino, J. Ribas and T. K. Maji, A Heterometallic (Ni(II)−Cu(II)) Decanuclear Cluster Containing Two Distorted Cubane-like Pentanuclear Cores: Synthesis, Structure, and Magnetic Properties, Inorg. Chem 51, 6440 (2012).

  8. K. Jayaramulu, K. K. R. Datta, M. V. Suresh, G. Kumari, R. Datta, C. Narayana, M. Eswaramoorthy and T. K. Maji, Honeycomb Porous Framework of Zn(II): Effective Host for Pd Nanoparticles for Efficient Three component (A3) Coupling and Selective Gas Storage, ChemPlusChem. 2012 , 77, 743 (2012). In Press.

  9. S. Mohapatra, S. Adhikari, H. Riju and T. K. Maji, Tb(III), Eu(III) and Mixed TbIII-EuIII-Mucicate Frameworks: Hydrophilicity and Stoichiometry Dependent Color Tunability, Inorg. Chem 51, 4891 (2012).

  10. S. Mohapatra, H. Sato, R. Matsuda, S. Kitagawa and T. K. Maji, Highly Rigid and Stable Porous Cu(I) Metal-Organic Framework with Reversible Single-Crystal-to-Single-Crystal Structural Transformation, CrystEnggComm 14, 4153 (2012).

  11. K. V. Rao, R. Haldar, C. Kulkarni, T. K. Maji and S. J. George, Perylene Based Porous Polyimides: Tunable, High Surface Area with Tetrahedral and Pyramidal Monomers, Chem., Mater 24, 969 (2012).

  12. A. Chakraborty, K. L. Gurunatha, A. Muthulakshmi, S. Dutta, Swapan Pati and T. K. Maji, Assembly of trinuclear and tetranuclear building units of Cu2+ towards two 1D magnetic systems: Synthesis and magneto-structural correlations, Dalton Trans 41, 5879 (2012).

  13. C. M. Nagaraja, T. K. Maji and C. N. R. Rao, Synthesis, Structuree and Magnetic Properties of Two Organically-templated Coordination Polymers, {[EDAH 2 ][M 1 M 2 F 2 (SO 4 ) 2 (H 2 O) 2 ]} n (M 1 = M 2 = Ni II and M 1 = Co II , M 2 = Ni II ), Inorg. Chem. Acta. 389, 85 (2012).

  14. K. V. Rao, S. Mohapatra, T. K. Maji and S. J. George, Guest-Responsive Reversible Swelling and Fluorescence Response in a Super-Absorbent, Dynamic Microporous Polymer, Chem. Eur. J. 18, 4505 (2012).

  15. J. Kumar, P. Kanoo, T. K. Maji and S. Verma, Water Adsorbing Silver-Adenine Interpenetrated Framework, CrystEnggComm 14, 3012 (2012).

  16. Ritesh Haldar, K. Venkata Rao, Subi J. George and Tapas Kumar Maji, Exciplex Formation and Energy Transfer in a Self-assembled Metal-Organic Hybrid System, Chem. Eur. J. 18, 5848 (2012).

  17. C. Nagaraja, Ritesh Haldar, Tapas Kumar Maji and C. N. R. Rao, Chiral Porous Metal-Organic Frameworks of Co(II) & Ni(II): Synthesis, Structure, Magnetic Properties and CO2 Uptake, Cryst. Growth Des. 12, 975 (2012).

  18. Ritesh Haldar and Tapas Kumar Maji, Selective carbon dioxide uptake and crystal-to-crystal transformation: Porous 3D framework to 1D chain triggered by conformational change of the spacer, CrystEnggComm 14, 684 (2012).

  19. P. Kanoo, A. C. Ghosh, S. T. Cyriac and T. K. Maji, A Metal-Organic Framework with Highly Polar Pore Surface: Selective CO2 adsorption and Guest-Dependent ON/OFF Emission Properties, Chem. Eur. J. 18, 237 (2012).

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