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Eswaramoorthy MG.U. Kulkarni Ganesh Subramanian Govindaraju T H Ila 
Hemalatha Balaram James P. Clement Chelliah Jayanta Haldar K. B. Sinha K.S. Narayan 
Kanishka Biswas Kaustuv Sanyal Kavita Jain Krishnan V.Kundu Tapas K.
Kushagra Bansal M. R. S. Rao Maneesha Inamdar Meheboob Alam Meher K. Prakash 
Namita Surolia Narasimha Roddam Premkumar Senguttuvan Rajesh Ganapathy Ranjan Datta 
Ranjani Viswanatha Ravi Manjithaya S. N. Bhat Santosh Ansumali Santosh Ansumali 
Sarit S. Agasti Sebastian C Peter Sheeba Vasu Shivaprasad S. M.Shobhana Narasimhan 
Sreenivas K. R.Sridhar Rajaram Srikanth Sastry Subi Jacob George Subir K. Das 
Sundaresan A.Swapan Pati Tapas Kumar Maji Udaykumar Ranga Umesh V. Waghmare 
Valdiya K. S.Vidhyadhiraja N. S.Vidya T. N. C. 


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  11. Subhra G, Dheeraj K Singh, Eswaramoorthy M and Bhattacharya A. J, An Extremely High Surface Area Mesoporous-Microporous-Networked Pillared Carbon for High Stability Li-S and Intermediate Temperature Na-S Batteries, Chemistry Select 2, 9249 - 9255 (2017).

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  14. A Chakraborty , S Roy , M Eswaramoorthy and T. K Maji , Flexible MOF-aminoclay nanocomposites showing tunable stepwise/gated sorption for C2H2, CO2 and separation for CO2/N-2 and CO2/CH4, J. Mater. Chem.A 5, 8423 - 8430 (2017).

  15. K. P Sonu , B.V.V.S Pavan Kumar , Subi J George and M Eswaramoorthy , Simple and Facile Approach To Create Charge Reversible Pores via Hydrophobic Anchoring of Ionic Amphiphiles, ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces 9, 9136 - 9142 (2017).

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